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Surname Forename(s) date of death marital status maiden surname date of birth last known address Reason estimated value of estate
BEETLESTONE Alan Norman 17/01/2017 Single n/a 19/01/1951 70 Biddulph Park| WS7 1LQ Relatives unable to pay £0.00
COLINS Rodger Edward 18/05/2016 Not known n/a 02/02/1942 14 Furlong Lane| DE13 7EE No known relatives £0.00
EILLEDGE Charles 18/12/2016 Widower n/a 20/12/1932 30 Breeze Avenue| WS11 3QB No known relatives £0.00
ELSAM Neil 14/02/2016 Widower n/a 13/01/1966 The Lodge| Springhill Farm| WS14 0BX No known relatives £0.00
FLETCHER Peter Brian 10/07/2017 Widower n/a 16/10/1934 26 Endsford Close| B74 4LR No known relatives £0.00
FRADSHAM Margery 09/03/2017 Widower Sankey 06/10/1944 Darwin Court Nursing Home| WS13 6SP Relatives unable to pay £0.00
HICKMAN Edward 28/12/2016 Not known n/a 04/02/1933 Stubby Leas Nursing Home| WS13 8PT No known relatives £450.00
JACOBS Lynda Rosemary 09/06/2019 Single n/a 04/01/1948 9 Mill Lane| Fazeley| B78 3QD No one to arrange funeral £0.00
MOORE Janes Derrick 16/07/2019 Single n/a 31/12/1934 Misty Blue (canal boat) last official mooring Tewkesbury Marina| Bredon Road| Tewkesbury No one to arrange funeral £0.00
REARDEN Bernard John 21/09/2020 Single n/a 02/06/1964 28 St Chads Close| Burton Upon Trent|DE13 0ND No one to arrange funeral £0.00
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